Welcome to my web design blog.

This is where I showcase simple, functional and affordable websites/blogs.

I recently started a few consulting businesses and started exploring the alternatives for uploading a website/blog for the business and the costs involved. What surprised me was the learning curve you have to go through and the costs involved in establishing a website/blog.

You basically have two platforms to host your new blog. They are Blogger and WordPress.

WordPress is relatively inexpensive. There is a monthly hosting fee of around A$4 and domain registration will cost you slightly over A$22 pa.

The alternative to WordPress is Google’s Blogger platform. It is free to use so you can design your own website/blog at a minimal cost. The other good thing about Blogger is that it is dead easy to use. If you can use a word processing program you will find Blogger easy to use.

  If starting a blog is still too intimidating for you I offer a website/blog design service. I charge A$45/hour or a per-project basis. Improvements to your website/blog can be made over an initial couple of weeks. Be prepared to budget A$250 to A$500 to design a fully functional website/blog for your business. The blog would have pages of your choice such as an about me page, a contact page, a home page and a privacy policy page. In addition, you can have 1 to 10 post pages on subjects of your choice.

Here are samples of blogs I have designed. They have large pictures, large fonts, plenty of white space, easy to navigate and a minimalist design.

Overall, very Zen.

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